Growing your business

The Need

Colliers wanted to inject inspiration into their staff and get staff’s ‘buy in’ into growing the business both as an entire brand but also the branches throughout the country.  This involved a substantial number of staff all of whom they wanted to feel a part of the company’s offer to their clients.

The Solution

JPS focused on the Growth of the Business component in what they were trying to achieve and sourced small pot plants with a variety of different seeds.  Each staff member was given one of these that not only had instructions for the plant’s growth but also and related this to their contribution in the success of the brand.  Feed and water a plant and it will grow.

The Result

Everybody became a desk gardener!  They all had them on their desk at work and it became a great topic of conversation as well as an internal competition on who could grow the greatest plant.  This continued through to a repotting stage and we even got a very impressive capsicum that had been taken home to the vegetable patch.